The Knitting Magpie gets side tracked by shiny new projects…

Hello to all Magpies who like me cannot resist a shiny new project, no matter how many WIP are currently taking up space in your brain / home ( you can read more about my tendency to collect here: About the knitting magpie. )

I had decided I really really needed to finish off some of my numerous WIP before starting anything new. Now in my defence I do have some mitigation for having a few projects on the go at any one time.

I like to have a ‘TV ‘ knit available, my viewing of choice tends to be subtitled BBC4 drama, the darker the better so at this point I want a relatively clean knit – currently the Judako bag is fitting the bill for this. I’m using BC Garn Alba in coastal colours of seafoam, coral and dune gold for this beach / festival bag:



Next I like something with a little more attention required that I can complete whist listening to Audio books either in my garden arbour hideaway or by the French doors watching the birds feed. The Eternal Optomist Scarf by Mindy Ross fitted the bill perfectly for this. I used one skein of the lovely cashmere I bought last month in Venice along with some rose quartz beads. The finished scarf forms the featured image this week and it was an enjoyable knit. The was one slight hiccup when I realised I had failed to insert a yarn over but a little faffing with a minature crochet hook allowed correction without completely undoing numerous rows of pattern.



It is rare that I can just knit but when I really want to turn my brain noise down I will pick either a complex pattern or cable. I have in my stash a 75% completed sweater – the Kykuit by Michelle Wang for The Yarn Collective. I am working this in Yarn Collective Hudson Worsted in the Olana Ochre colour. I absolutely love this pattern which I started early January but had to put aside come March. I plan to pick it up again in the next few weeks ready for Autumn.



The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that my left hand is in a functional splint ( as is my right) and whilst it is a great place to store your cable needle it does mean I can only work on some projects for a very short amount of time, hence having a choice of options on the go. I cannot however blame my complete overabundance of yarn, kits & fabrics on my unstable joints – just a lack of willpower ( and not enough hours in the day) 😘

Next time I may tell you a little more about the stash and my plans to tackle it, below is a snapshot of some of the loveliness plonked on the day bed in what I laughingly call my dressing room ( I have plans for decorating this but first I need to be able to get into it!)


Now, shiny new projects. I really really didn’t need to start anything new but – the very naughty We are Knitters had an offer on which included the Goa Tee, a kit that had been on my wishlist. Ok I told myself sternly, you can order it and put it away for the spring. As you can see that worked………..



I am trying to organise my thoughts (again) into getting ready for Christmas, all the time being conscious that real life doesn’t stop so I can knit 😕 I updated my gifting accessories from the lovely MOO. As I have care labels that I attach to finished gifts by ribbon to the tags I decided on sticky gift tags to secure wrapping and also some fab postcards. One side can be written on for personal messages.


I already have some great sew in labels that I order from Bags of Love


and am currently perusing various external tags in either wood or leather for bags and hats – ahhh etsy 💓

You can keep in touch with me on Instagram  @knittingmagpie and also the Facebook group which you can find by clicking this link: The Knitting Magpie

Well I must go and pretend to at least catch up on some chores as back at work tomorrow. Have a happy, healthy creative time whatever you may be working on.


Magpie X



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