About the knitting magpie:

Hi and welcome to the Knitting Magpie

Firstly you need to know I’m not techi, I knit for heaven’s sake, of course I’m not techi!
Please bear with me and hopefully rough edges will smooth out in much the way that our first knitting project had tension all over the place and it is now always perfect – ha.

I don’t really remember learning to knit. My nana taught me when I was a toddler, she always had either a pair of knitting needles in her hands or was attached to her Singer sewing machine. On the occasions she wasn’t creating from textiles she was creating from food in the kitchen. I am most definitely her granddaughter.

I tend to spend any spare time when not at work in much the same way as she did. I’m very good at ignoring dust on the picture rails and as my husband also likes to cook I can often be found vying with the cat for the best spot in front of the fire whilst himself cooks up a storm.


So, about the blog.

It was in fact my husband’s idea. I belonged to an on line knitting group ( more on that soon) where ideas, musings and projects are shared. Tears were shed in sympathy over frogging and jubilation when a new delivery of yarn arrives. It didn’t seem polite to chunter on about some marvellous new yarn you have found on a forum belonging to another yarn supplier, no matter how fab they are. I think I was waffling on about this while he was trying to watch the news and he suggested I have a blog.

I have opinions on most things most of the time, I was the eldest of my siblings so being bossy ( I mean assertive), comes naturally. I also have a very enquiring mind and love hunting out lovely crafty type gadgets and things of loveliness that I love to share.

Voila: The Knitting Magpie was born, since then others from the original fb group suggested a spin off where we could chat unaffiliated to a particular brand and the knitting Magpie fb group was created in May 2018 ( links to fb & Instagram on homepage ).

I was musing on a name whilst sorting through some of my stash. I looked around and saw I was surrounded by beautiful skeins of jewel coloured yarn and thought I’ve become a magpie.

As the name suggests it is predominantly about knitting although other crafty loveliness may sneak in from time to time.

Each few weeks I aim to chat about my current projects and anything else knitting or craft related that pops into my magpie brain.
I’m a project floozie and have lots on the go at any one time. Interspersed with that will be knitting hacks, often recycled from friends and my opinions on sites, stores and items I have come across. In the highly unlikely event that anyone ever asks me to review anything (please do 😘) I will always make that clear in the review. It will always be an honest one though I promise.


Magpie. X