Magpies on the Move & Summer Knits.


Hello everyone.

I’m afraid my plan to write more regularly hit a stumbling block. My lovely stepfather of thirty-eight years had been terminally ill. After a wonderful Christmas spent with my mum at ours, one of his last goals, he deteriorated quite quickly. Up until February we cared for him at home until the last few days which he spent in the wonderful Myton Hospice. As you can imagine time since then has been spent with my mum and dealing with the never ending practicalities. Now there is time to take the occasional breath so here I am 😊

Now I’m all about winter, I love summer knits on others but am definitely a cold water animal. This year however I decided on a very summery knit from Pam Allen for Quince & Co. A camisole called Azalea. I couldn’t get hold of the yarn here in Blighty as the only UK stockest was out of the colour. I did however find a lovely substitute from Kelbourne Woolens in the guise of Mojave, a gorgeous blend of primary cotton and linen. It is a delight to work with and the lace hem on the camisole really displays the stitch definition.

Note my very cute angel fish marker 🐠

In my usual magpie fashion why start one project when I can start many, after all it’s not as if life is busy……… On receiving my copy of Amarisu (which I always look forward to immensely) my Eagle, sorry magpie eye was immediately drawn to the wonderful tunic on the cover. It is called Breeze and has been designed by Megumi Sawada. She knitted it up in STRΓ… from Woolfolk Yarn. Sadly I couldn’t get this in Blighty and the powder pink shade she used was out of stock at Woolfolk too. I put on my best Hercule Poirot head and went off on a virtual search for an alternative πŸ”ŽπŸ”ŽπŸ”ŽπŸ”ŽπŸ”ŽπŸ”Ž Imagine my delight when I found Rachel of Tangled Yarn was stocking a new yarn from de rerum natura ( ) called Robinson. A beautiful light worsted / dk weight combining recycled cotton with merino, 60% unbleached Arles merino / 10% black French merinoΒ / 30% recycled cotton. Natural plant dyes are used to make gorgeous sludgy shades. I’m knitting Breeze up in eau de rose.

Always good to find your yarn tones with your project bag.

On a non knitty note we toddled off to our favourite seaside house rental for a week again, it is the wonderful Sunset Cottage in Whitstable ( rented via the most excellent ). The Lily hound loves it there as she has uninterrupted views for bossing all passing pooches and the beach is her garden. I love the fabulous balcony knitting spot.

Whilst there I took myself off to get my long awaited hummingbird tattoo from the very talented Ileen at High Tide Tattoo Studio. She came up with this beautiful watercolour design which I’m thrilled with.

Now for our big news: The Magpies have bought a new nest! I am ridiculously excited about this. Not only are we moving to the Devon coast but we found a 1930’s house with lots of original features left, sea views and best of all (cue Agatha Christie music) residents of The Avenue each have a key to a secret path down to the beach. I. Cannot. Wait. we are due to complete in a few weeks so I’ll then bore you senseless with pics of new knitty spots being tried out.

Right I’m off to do some packing up and will try very very hard to write soon.

Stay safe and well.


Magpie. 😘

So 2021 begins……

And I really wish you and yours a happy and above all healthy one.

This picture was taken in Dartmouth at the beginning of December, before we were once again plunged ( too late in my opinion) into a full lockdown.

The sweater in the pic is my newly finished Nili sweater by Christina Danaee. The yarn is German Town by Kelbourne Woolens, a totally new yarn to me. Also and unusually for me I bought this as a kit from Fig Tree Yarns based in Jersey. I’d fallen for the sweater as designed and Fig Tree are fabulous for US yarns if you are in the UK especially. It was an enjoyable quick knit ( and if you are new to colourwork ideal as you only knit a round in one colour at a time). Also shown is the Beret no 1 from My Favourite Things Knitwear. I have knitted so many of her patterns and they are always a joy to both knit and wear. Two new yarns were combined and worked beautifully. Yarntelier which is a Cashmere Lace from Yorkshire and Biches & Buches lΓ¨ petit silk mohair. I’ve barely taken this off my head since completing it.

We were hugely fortunate in booking the most beautiful pink thatched cottage in a tiny village near Dartmouth, South Devon. As this is the general area we are hoping to move to this year (all planets aligning), it was wonderful to be here and back by the sea. Lily dog absolutely loved it and the week consisted of long walks, cooking lovely slow meals and yarn related goodness (me) catching up on reading ( himself) plus singeing fur in front of the fire ( hound).

Our hideaway cottage.
This is another My Favourite Things Sweater too – Sweater no 3. Worked in Erika Knights Wool Local knitted double plus a strand of Bear in Sheeps Clothing Bear Fluff.

Socks were the order of the day for my holiday project. Those of you that know me appreciate I have a very debilitating condition, that of second sock (& glove) itis. This means I generally have one sock, glove , mitt lying around forlornly awaiting a mate. Therefore what did I decide to do with these socks? – make them as over the knee boot socks knitted on 1.5mm & 2mm pins. What an utterly wonderful idea! Now (& you may have guessed this), I’ve finished one 😁. Now in my defence I love it and the second is due to be cast on. I have however had to rest my fingers with a slip n slide knit as they are not behaving ( darn you EDS). I also treated myself to the tiny circular set from Chiagoo for socks and gloves which are wonderful.

One sock down…….. Yarn is Zebra from Life in The Long Grass with some Grey Sheep Hampshire 4ply for the contrast.

Before Christmas I decided to knit my mum a cardigan to wear as a hug as we are not able to see her. This was the result and she loves it.

A hug in a cardigan.
The pattern and yarn are from the lovely Trine, CaMaRose. The pattern is Dreamy and the yarn Snefnug which translates to snowflake. I bought both from Loop in London.

Now the beginning of this year is to be spent on completing some of my ever present WIP’s. One of these will be the very long socks! Plus I’m currently really enjoying one of the supremely talented Di Gilpins patterns. Oak. This is a very sculpted sweater which was inspired by a Stag appearing from the forest. There is a lot of cable and then the back has further cable latticed into it after completion to form a 3D peplum. I’m knitting this in her beautiful and incredibly soft Scottish lambswool.

A taster to show you the stunning yarn for Oak.
The sweater behind is one I’ve finally finished for himself which just awaits suede elbow patches. I’ll show you both when fully complete.

My other WIP which was my New Year Cast on is a cardigan. I’ve cast this on to rest my hands as it is knitted on 4mm needles. It is the Winter Whispers cardigan from Loop. A crew neck, semi fitted cardigan with a twisted cable yoke. I’m knitting this is some gorgeous Bear Rustic DK from my stash. The colourway is Roxanne. However the amount of yarn I have means I’m knitting a size down (πŸ™ˆ), time to work off the cheese & mince pies. 😁

Nails to match project. 😁

Now I’ve also increased my store of knitiq’s blocking mats. These now come in a choice of cases. Either the cream linen or the retro pattern. I love both (I do write for knit iq but have no affiliated sales with them so opinions are always true).

The new patterned case from knit iq. This can be bought separately from the mats too.

I’ll finish off with a little Christmas & knitty montage of some of my favourite treats.

Stay well everyone and will chat soon.

Lots of love Magpie 😘

A most beautiful leather 03 bag bought from Hide & Hammer. Beyul yak yarn from Kettle Yarn co ready for a first knit from Winters Amirisu magazine. Must haves from Tribes Yarn plus a gifted bag from Milli. πŸ€—
The Starry Night candle is from Chase and Wonder and the lovely mini tree display Bloom and Wild.
Finally the knitty tree decoration is from Liberty.
I’m now on a no spend January! 🀣