In these times of strife………

The one thing us crafty folk have no problem doing is filling time at home.

Now I can’t pretend the evil that is Covid 19 isn’t with us so this is giving this particular šŸ˜ in the yarn store the only air space it’s getting. Suffice to say I hope you and your loved ones are currently safe and well whilst sadly accepting none of us are likely to escape completely untouched.

Now current projects. As usual ( and especially bearing in mind I’m still on ‘light duties’ which in knitty terms means a max of three hours per day) I’ve far too many on the go. I really don’t know how I manage it, I never mean to, it sort of just….happens!

I’m working on the Herringbone Blanket which was an auction prize I pledged to the one held for Australia Wildfire relief by I Love Whippets. The winning bidder, a lovely lady called Karen knew it would be a while before I could make it but was happy with this. She chose her yarn, a lovely Humbug mix merino so this blanket is called BaaBaa Humbug šŸ™‚ It is coming along slowly but beautifully and was the perfect excuse for a new project bag from Knit with Attitude. This from Kelly Connor Designs is perfect for blankets and throws as holds yarn & project. Plus it zips up to keep Lily’s ever exploring nose out!

Lily trying to figure out how to steal yarn.

I’m currently trying to do two hours a day on it, it’s 5′ wide and I’ve just hit 3′ in length so a way to go yet.

I’m also knitting up some beautiful yarn from John Arbon’s Knit by Numbers range. A gorgeous lightweight organic merino dk with loads of dye to order colour choices. These are a departure from my usual grey, pink, plum spectrum but made me think of spring. The pattern is the glorious sloppy Joe sweater from Caitlin Hunter called Ingalls. The colours just make me think of spring.

Sweater pic courtesy of Caitlin Hunter. Inadvertent nail colour match courtesy of me. šŸ’…

As well as these I’ve managed to cast on a cute little cable cardigan and a second Barn sweater from knits about winter, they are both asleep this week whilst I concentrate on the above two so I’ll show you those shortly.

In other news himself and I decided in February ( before the madness hit) to take Lily the Wilful Westie to Cornwall for a week. A couple of reasons for this, we were sorely in need of a break and friends who used to own the cattery where Mia & Zorro spent many a happy holiday recently moved near to Falmouth so we could visit them ( nose around their new home) too. We booked a waterfront cottage and off we pottered in one of the wildest storms this year. I do love the British coast in winter. I also did a little sleuthing after booking and found that Falmouth is home to a wonderful store called Stitches and Cream. A treasure trove of yarn, fabric and accessories owned and managed by sisters Jane & Sandra. They also run classes and have a great online service so definitely reccomend a visit be it virtual or in person. I’d had some virtual chat with them prior to visiting and ordered some ditsy print needlecord and a pinnafore pattern as this year I want to improve my sewing skills to at least competent beginner. As my workroom is also totally overloaded I figured ordering in advance would stop me buying anything else – you can see from the pic how well this worked!

Spoils from Stitches & Cream plus the view from our holiday cottage.
Mrs Moon Alpine Hat knitted quickly up in plump dk ready for the holiday.

I hope you are all occupying yourselves with lovely crafty projects, let me know what your current favourite is and I’ll see you soon.

Love Magpie. šŸ˜˜

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