It all went a tad pear shaped…………

Hello Everyone and a much belated Happy New Year!

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA and thank you for those who have been in touch and been a great support.

Deep breath now – It’s been a combination of my surgery, my parents being burgled the day after my surgery, one of my closest friends passing away in her sleep ( totally unexpectedly) the day after that, trying to maintain a semblance of normality for the family staying with us over Christmas and then my lovely aunt passing away just after new year.

I couldn’t write to save my life so I am starting 2020 again as of now.

So, to the projects I had on my needles, all completed plus two extra before my surgery. Hubby’s uncles sweater was perfect. I totally adore my Eastwind Jacket and Stonecrop cardie and I finished Ghost Horses. This I love but due to ginormous amounts of steroids I feel at the mo it looks more like a ghost sausage trying to get out of its skin so it’s staying in the drawer!

Eastwind from Emily Foden’s Knits about Winter.
Stonecrop Cardie from Andrea Mowry.
Ghost Horses from Boyland knitworks. This was knitted in Kettleyarns Northiam Fingering in Shale and Spincycle dyed in the wool in Ghost Ranch.

Now the couple of extra projects came about because my surgery was a little later than initially planned – every cloud. I’ve developed quite a passion for patterns by My Favourite Things Knitwear and both of these designs are hers. The sweater I had been hankering over for ages ( pattern sweater no 3 ) and decided it would be the perfect winter hug. It is knitted in yarn by some of my favourite folk, not only talented but incredibly nice people. Erika Knight who a lot of you know I adore ( yarns, patterns and herself) and Ms Bernie Bear – she of A Bear in Sheeps Clothing. If you’ve not come across her fab indie dyed yarns get hunting, they are wonderful. So this is knitted with two strands of Erika’s new Wool Local yarn along with one strand of Bernie’s Bear Fluff. I adore it.


The second one is using another indie dyer’s that I’m loving working with. Kettle Yarn Co. She has some very luxurious yarns and one of which I used in a tank top for my mum ( ten days before my op she said I’d really like a tank top for Christmas, I know you won’t have time to make me one so a bought one will be ok!!!). Rapid ordering of Baskerville DK and even more rapid knitting ensued. She is delighted with the result.

Mums tank top.

Now I mentioned I’d let you know why I was meeting lots of lovely new folk as well as spending time I should have been ‘working’ playing with Erika’s dog. I was lucky enough to be invited to the inaugural workshop of Creative Collaborations dreamt up by Erika and her fab team. I happily booked a day off work, hopped on trains from Birmingham to Hassocks ( near Brighton, I’d never heard of it) and spent the day meeting lots of fab new folk ( Jeanette Sloan was also there, fan sigh). This collaboration was knitting from Erika joined with embroidery by the wonderful Anette Eriksson. The project was a yarn embroidered cushion front with a knitted back. Mine is still ongoing. Now I have to confess being dog mad I was delighted to see Winnie, Erika’s chihuahua in attendance. I spent a large part of the morning with her settled on my lap – it would have been rude to move her. Once I got home I decided that I could try left handed embroidery post op so undid the meagre amount I’d completed. The left handed thing is slow but going well. I’ve also bought a couple more of Anette’s kits to complete.

Left handed tree beginnings.
Erika, Anette and Winnie.

Finally I’d like to introduce you to a new member of the family. Her name is Lily and she belonged to my late friend ( sadly it was her husband that passed away in the summer). Now I’d not intended to have any more animals after the death of Zorro in September for a while but fate is a strange thing. Jacqui & John’s grown up son is allergic to dogs so Lily couldn’t go to he and his wife. She already knew us well and so here she is ( the cover pic shows her mud surfing, a favourite pastime)! She is totally adorable and keeps J & J with us daily. Sadly she has zero yarn etiquette so I’m having to hide everything from her.

Our new addition.

Next time I shall be able to show you the couple of things that are my return projects. Like last year rehab will be extensive but I’m able to start slip n slide work for an hour or so a day.

Happy Crafting every one.


Magpie. 😘

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