The Knitting Magpie has had her wing clipped!

Hello and welcome to the March musings of the ( non )knitting magpie. I hope the year is treating you well so far and that you can glimpse spring on the horizon.

As regular readers know I had some surgery to my left hand ( wing ) a month ago, although I am right handed I learnt to become left hand dominant/ reliant after a spinal injury a few years ago. I am currently spending a lot of time dropping things…… Once my physio starts I shall need to learn to use my left hand in a slightly different way as the thumb is now placed slightly in front and curves in a little – think a slightly more manicured lobster claw so I shall need to find some patience – not one of my virtues.

Anyway enough of that, I’m even boring myself. I managed to get Humulus finished, in fact it was drying on blocks as I toddled off to theatre. I love the result ( please excuse the non pressed pic, I’m not allowed to iron yet, hubby offered and I think I let out a little whimper of fear). I used one of my favourite yarns – Erika knight’s British Blue 100 and it has worked beautifully.

Now as I’m out of knitty action for quite a few weeks I’ve amused myself by supporting the yarn industry, I may have gone slightly overboard but have justified it as being unable to drive means I’ve saved on fuel.

My planned projects are many and varied but there are some ‘ must does ‘ among them. Firstly I have had a real live commission for one of my blankets, a word of mouth recommendation and they don’t mind that they won’t get it for some months.

From a personal perspective I treated myself to two delicious books: Emily Fodens Knits about Winter and Laine 7. From Emily’s I fell headlong in love with the Eastwind Jacket and spent an inordinate amount of time picking the perfect yarns ( Emily’s were not available but I think these will do it justice ). I am using The Fibre Co’s Lore in Gentle overlaid with Artyarns silk mohair in Rose Ombre – this is one of the most beautiful yarns I have ever seen. For the contrast trim and exposed pocket linings am using some of the British Blue in Cymbeline left over from Humulus as the contrast is perfect. This is a true investment knit and I cannot wait to start it.

In Laine I came across the Brioche Buddies shawl designed by Nancy Marchant and Stephen West. Now I’ve never tried brioche and decided this is the perfect place to start. The yarn is lovely and I’ve picked a very muted contrast. I’ll let you know how my foray into the world of brioche goes.

I’m also planning to do Whitehorse by Boyland knitworks and was musing over what to use. I then tripped over Daughter of a Shepherd ( virtually ) and have just ordered some of her rare breed dk so will show you that & the pattern next time.

My non new year resolution is to be slightly more organised re the blog so I’m planning on a new post the first week of each month rather than my usual scatty ‘ really must get on with it ‘approach – we shall see.

In other news my having surgery has coincided with hubby taking v early retirement. It has been planned since a rather great opportunity presented itself last summer, however he is here, with me ( and my visiting friends the wool delivery folk – there is no where to hide) ……. Now in all honesty it’s been great as I have been thoroughly spoilt. Coffee on tap, homemade breads and soups for lunch and a different extravaganza for dinner each night. I am going to turn into a whale by the time I get back to work. It will be self limiting though as his new life plans are starting so he will be too busy to notice the deliveries or to feed me.

I hope you all have a lovely crafty March and I’ll catch up with you all soon. Off for coffee and a rose shortbread now.

Lots of love

Magpie 😘

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