The Knitting Magpie trys hard to finish Humulus.

Hello knitty folk.

I hope 2019 is treating you well so far.

It’s a little strange here as I’m currently playing a waiting game. As some of you know I was due to have fairly intricate hand surgery just before Christmas which for a variety of tedious reasons couldn’t go ahead. It’s now planned for a couple of days time – gulp.

The bonus was I thought at least I could finish my top down cardigan from Purl Soho which I duly have. I used a UK indie yarn from Skein Queen in Fairy Dust. This has knitted up finer than the PS pattern which I expected as it is for spring / summer and travelling as it’s so light. The yarn is ridiculously beautiful. I could have gone down a size ( or two ) but am happy with this one being totally oversized. Sadly buttons have not yet arrived but this gives an idea of it finished ( still to be blocked ). It has lots of detailing not immediately obvious that I love such as I-cord edges, rolled hems and saddle shoulders. I’m planning a second one, more fitted in one of Qing fibres jewelled shades.


I also managed to whip up Andrea Mowry’s Mae tunic in Malabrigo Rios in Water Green. This is a really quick knit and I like the result. I’m already imagining a cotton version.


Because after finishing up the cardigan I had a week left to D day I thought I’ll just plan projects for this year once I’m rebuilt – yeah right. What I actually did was cast on the wonderful Humulus sweater by Isabell kraemer which I am knitting in Erika Knight’s British blue 100. The yarn is lovely, it’s like a very very soft shetland wool. I have a couple of days to do two sleeves – wish me luck 🙄


Short and sweet post today, I’m off to frantically carry on knitting.

Happy crafting Magpie’s and I’ll catch up with you after my surgery.


Magpie 😘



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