Completion of the Twinset of Doom, Countdown to Christmas (with help from Zorro), matching my nails to my work and ( drum roll please) a new Facebook Knitting Magpie Group….

Hello and welcome to the current musings from the knitting magpie ( you can read more about me here):About the knitting magpie.

The Twinset of Doom- I told you about how this labour of love for my mum was driving me up the wall a couple of weeks ago. Well I am beyond delighted to say it is finished. I shall of course be less delighted if she:

A. Doesn’t like it


B. It doesn’t fit…….



I know it is only May and I can’t quite believe that I am mentioning the C word, but I started to think about gift making at a rate of an item a month – that is only seven gifts ( now you’re scared)! I started by pulling out some Take Care Mohair from my stash, left the room and returned to find Zorro using it as a pillow. I wrested a couple of balls from him and knitted up a Christmas scarf.



Like gazillions of folk yesterday I decided the Royal wedding was the perfect excuse to sit around in the morning in my fave pj’s ( Desmond & Dempsey) , drink a cheeky glass of fizz and work on one of my current projects, the Le Chic dress from W&TG. Nails to match of course – it was a wedding after all 😘


So to the Facebook group.

Like a lot of things I do this wasn’t planned. If you have read my previous posts you will see that like a lot of craft folk part of the fun for me is swapping hacks and project plans and finding items of beauty that I want to share, this can be restricted if your online knitting group belongs to a single commercial operation. As a group I belong to has asked their members ( in general I hasten to add, not me individually ) to only discuss their products this left a few of us wondering the best way to continue to share without needing to send private messages all of the time. Susan, another group member I have become friends with suggested a knitting magpie group page, within a few hours ( believe me that’s fast as I hadn’t got a technical clue how to go about it) it was up and running. Now 24 hours later we have 27 members as far away as NZ – it’s very exciting as we can chat about knitty / crafty projects and discoveries from all over. It is a closed group, this means you are welcome to visit and have a look at what folk are up to but in order to post you must join the group. Come and have a look around and add in your creative finds, hacks and projects. The link is:Β

I’m looking forward to next week as my best friend from NZ, she of the alpaca lovliness is coming to visit, it always goes by too fast.

Next time I shall show you the hopefully completed Le Chic dress and also I happened across some fab tapestry fabric for a new knitty tote which I shall try and complete over the next week, a sneak preview of the fabric is shown here. IMG_20180517_131354_037

Speak soon and have a happy creative week.




5 thoughts on “Completion of the Twinset of Doom, Countdown to Christmas (with help from Zorro), matching my nails to my work and ( drum roll please) a new Facebook Knitting Magpie Group….

  1. What a beautiful colour and a labour of love,I am sure your mum will love it, if however it doesn’t fit……………..


  2. I love the twin set, well done. It is bound to be loved and enjoyed.
    Great job on the C knitting πŸ˜‰ of to a good start.
    Lovely Royal wedding, seemed to be over way to quickly.
    and great fabric for your new bag, looking forward to seeing more.
    Have a great week. πŸ™‚


    1. Hello.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment ( and such nice ones too), I have your latest post to read with a coffee hopefully in the garden later 😊
      I’ve come across some lovely yarn from South Africa which I imagine you are familiar with – Nurturing Yarns. I really like the organic ethos behind it and am eagerly awaiting delivery of a skein of the sock yarn. Have a good week.
      Julie x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. πŸ™‚ Great to hear from you too.
        I know the yarns very well. I love them too. We have a few fabulous local dyers, and I always have to restrain myself when they show off the latest colourways they are working on. πŸ™‚
        I know you will love and enjoy the skein you have winging its way to you. I look forward to seeing a post here when you receive it. πŸ™‚
        I hope the mail goes quickly. It always feels so very long when ordering something and then having to wait for it.
        Have a super week and happy crafting. xx

        Liked by 1 person

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