The cardigan of doom, a daisy chain dress and breakfast on the Blossom Trail.

Hello and a Happy Sunny (!!! )May Day holiday weekend.

Now those of you not used to the UK weather may not realise that to have blue sky and sunshine on a bank holiday is as rare as hens teeth. Usually we are wrapped up in sweaters and log burners are stoked up. Instead 0830 today found us in the car, roof off and The Eagles playing on the way to have breakfast at a gorgeous farm shop, nursery & cafe. We are lucky enough to live in stunning countryside and our route took us out through the Blossom Trail. It also gave me chance to wear my amore tee which I’d knitted freestyle earlier in the year which I am really pleased with. I used Wool and the Gangs Shiny Happy Cotton in Bluewater for the body and it seemed suitably cheerful. I had been under house arrest as not feeling brilliant this week so this was a great treat.

Now the cardigan of doom. Strictly speaking it is the twinset of doom but I only have the cardigan to finish. My mum had asked for a vintage style twinset for Christmas. Unable to find anything that fitted the bill I volunteered to order yarn and make her one. I love the fine ply yarn from Lichen & Lace so ordered some in faded rose. Then I realised that a twinset in single ply on 3.25 & 4mm pins wasn’t going to be a quick knit. To say I have fallen out of love with it is an understatement, if it was a marriage I’d be filing for divorce! A couple of weeks should see it complete. I will show the completed items with probably balloons and a brass band – hurrah.

I am a project floozie and have always got numerous things on the go. Currently I am trying out a daisy chain dress, again in shiny happy cotton in vitamin c. I am hoping it will end up as a 60’s style shift and treated myself to some tulip needle point protectors after seeing them in a post from , they are so cute.

Thanks for reading ( to find out more about the knitting magpie click here: About the knitting magpie ). I hope you all have a glorious weekend whatever craftiness you are up to.


Magpie. X

2 thoughts on “The cardigan of doom, a daisy chain dress and breakfast on the Blossom Trail.

    1. Thank you. I certainly hope she loves it. Not at work today so pushing on with it. Weather broken too so knitting & audio book the order of the day. Have a great week. P.S. Loved the bandana.

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